Artwork series «Ovum»

The egg (ovum) in numerous cultures and ancient civilizations is a symbol of life, fertility, rebirth… With this art series I want to celebrate “LIFE”. Life is also repetition, but I don’t mean in the sense of “copy and paste”, but rather in infinite variable forms. Because of the repetition element it seamed natural to […]

Artwork commissioned by «Colleague»

Colleague (Kollega) is a Swedish magazine for employees and bosses. In this issue my assignment was to produce an artwork that illustrates conflict and bravery at work and how together, with the right tools, you can ride out the storm. In this other issue the visual assignment was to produce an artwork that illustrates loneliness […]

Artwork commissioned by «Onskad»

Onskad is a new French perfume brand which to this day produces 6 different fragrances. The assignment was to depict, artistically, different eras as well as certain women icons without being too specific.

Artwork «Happy holidays»

In this illustrated greeting card. I wanted to depict the Christmas tree with a “cyber” touch. Actually, I would love to see this picture in motion and may do such a version at another time:)

Artwork «miss Jean»

 I wanted to create a visual with denim and thus invented the brand “miss Jean”:) These illustrations contain denim fabric that I have scanned and manipulated in Photoshop. 

Artwork commissioned by «Soditek»

Soditek is a company based in Martinique. My assignment was to create an illustration destined for billboard advertising. This artwork depicts the usage of the phone accessories brand”WYN.

Artwork entitled «Viva Magenta»

Animated illustration in GIF format. The artwork depicts 3 persons dressed in denim. The illustration is made in Photoshop and contains traditional watercolor elements. This artwork is a mixed media product.